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3 Cloud Services Your Business Should Be Using

Cloud services are any Internet service or application that directly syncs with the cloud aka the Internet. These cloud services allow businesses to share information, backup data, collaborate with others, stay organized, and provide many other benefits. Cloud applications like Dropbox allow businesses to backup and sync data almost instantaneously with the Internet and makes…


An IT Security Checklist For CPA Firms

Knowing how to keep your CPA and accounting firm protected against threats from security breaches and data leaks could save your firm from costly IT issues, and even legal fees. Pretending the threat isn’t real won’t make it go away and more importantly, it won’t help should you have to explain to 500 of your…

ITC 5 Steps To Hiring IT Partner

Hiring The Right IT Support Partner

Finding the right IT support partner for your business is a huge responsibility that will take time and careful research. If you take on this task without being prepared, expect that you’ll probably take longer than what you’re currently expecting. However, there’s an easier way of finding the right IT partner for your business. Take…

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Top 7 Benefits to Managed IT Services

Your business can benefit from the outsourcing of its IT to an IT solutions provider you can trust. Specifically, managed IT services provide complete coverage of your systems and network minimizing downtime, and improving efficiency of your everyday business flow saving you in loss and maximizing profits. So you’re probably wondering, what are managed IT…


Why Preventative IT Maintenance For Your Business Shouldn’t Be Ignored

As as business owner, your focus should be on your clients and future growth. The two things that hinder the success of any business are time and energy. What takes up too much time and energy from a business owner? Dealing with IT related issues that could have otherwise been averted through preventative IT maintenance.…


IT Pain Points that Keep Business Owners Awake at Night

Ever wonder why professional offices like Attorneys, Accounting and CPA firms, and Medical practices always have some kind IT help close by? Their concern is valid – keeping their IT running smoothly is extremely important to them and they just can’t afford the hassle of downtime, IT security breaches, or data loss. However, some still…

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HIPAA Compliance With Your BDR

Working with healthcare clients the conversation of HIPAA compliance comes up all too often. Healthcare providers, doctor’s offices, and medical practices from all areas frequently ask us what backup and disaster recovery plan would secure their client data, and keep them HIPAA compliant too. Healthcare IT (HIT) is a careful balance of keeping healthcare clients’…