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Symptom Checker – Does Your Healthcare Office Have These IT Issues?

In the healthcare industry, there’s little margin for error and I hope my family doctor would agree with me. Medical offices can be extremely fast paced and hardly have the time to deal with IT issues. Simply put, they can’t afford to have any downtime. Consider for a minute what […]

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Are Managed IT Services Right For My Business?

The requirements to effectively manage and operate the technology within any small business office, medical practice, or law firm is different. Each environment is unique in its own with different practice management software, customer relations management software, computer and network systems, and regulatory compliance needs. Though each may be different […]

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Can My Once Windows Only Business Run On A Mac?

Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the most powerful and reliable hardware on the market – Apple computers? We have clients all the time ask what it would take to migrate to a Mac environment for their business. I consult with clients on this request at least a […]

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7 Common Technology Pain Points For Small Businesses

Learning to deal with technology issues is far too common for some small businesses. Small business owners I network and interact with simply don’t have the time or resources to address what they believe to be expensive and time-consuming technology headaches. They’re told it’s going to cost a fortune and […]

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Does Your Company Have A BDR?

When I ask “Does Your Company Have A BDR?” to new folks and small business owners I meet, most of the time I need to explain what a BDR is. A BDR is a Backup and Disaster Recovery plan and in short, it’s a plan to keep your business running […]

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Why Small Businesses Should Switch To Office 365

Before Google Apps For Business widely advertised their services, our company was using Google as our hosted email and calendar solution for our IT support business in Austin, TX. For as long as I can remember, it never gave us any problems – it worked flawlessly. Early 2013, I was […]

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Web Filter Can Block Facebook And Boost Productivity

Before you think having a web filter is a bad thing, think about how much time your staff spends updating their Facebook status or tending their crops on Farmville while on company time. Of course, you don’t want to block Facebook from your marketing department, that would make their job […]

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