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Healthcare workers stay safe online

How to Keep Healthcare Data Safe and Secure

It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and ITC wants to help your business by providing useful safety tips and tricks. Last week, we discussed why hackers love attacking small businesses. This week, we’re focused on healthcare and the importance of keeping patient data secure. If you run a healthcare office, you understand the importance of keeping patient information…

Hackers can attack your small business

Why Hackers Love Attacking Small Businesses

As a part of our Cyber Awareness series this month, we’re continuing the conversation by talking about hackers and small businesses. Last week, we spoke about the importance of locking down your login. Small business owners everywhere don’t understand their risk levels when it comes to hackers. About 82% of small business owners say they aren’t targets for attacks. This is because…

How to make sure your technology is safe from ransomware

How to Prevent Ransomware and Keep Your System Safe

This past summer was the season of ransomware. Too many unprepared businesses fall victim to this malware and struggle to retrieve their lost data. Your business can avoid ransomware with the proper preventive measures, saving you stress, time and money. In case you don’t know, ransomware is a virtual threat that installs on a victim’s computer and makes their files completely useless. To restore…