Hacker in front of computer IT security

Guess what, your IT security sucks. Here’s how to make it better.

Small businesses today are either using information technology to its full potential, or at least plan to. They face the ever-present security threats to their data, servers, web sites, apps, mobile devices and in-house PC networks. The strategies and knowledge required to address these disparate technology problems and come up with viable and affordable solutions

Hackers can attack your small business

Why Hackers Love Attacking Small Businesses

As a part of our Cyber Awareness series this month, we’re continuing the conversation by talking about hackers and small businesses. Last week, we spoke about the importance of locking down your login. Small business owners everywhere don’t understand their risk levels when it comes to hackers. About 82% of small business owners say they aren’t targets for attacks. This is because

Network switch with lights flashing

How to Avoid Network Security Threats Faced By Small Businesses

From major companies like the Target data breach, to North Korea putting Sony to shame, computer and network security has never been anymore important than now. Think about the information that flows through your network and is stored on your computers, email, and file server. Some things you’d probably like to safe guard are intellectual