IT security is important to every business. Everything from end-point security, to system, and network devices.

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Why using a managed service provider is the best compliance monitoring solution

Compliance monitoring can be intimidating. There are so many regulations and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what you need to do to meet them. Managed service providers are the most efficient and cost-effective way to meet regulations.Compliance monitoring regulationsThere are several major compliance monitoring regulations that might affect your business. The most relevant are…

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Top 5 IT security threats and how businesses can avoid them

Advances in technology have enabled businesses to streamline their productivity. There is a hidden danger that IT-based activities are automatically secure. That frame of mind causes businesses to often overlook common vulnerabilities. This is due to the false belief that severe consequences won’t happen to them. We call this security through obscurity. Recently, CIO Magazine…

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Guess what, your IT security sucks. Here’s how to make it better

Small businesses today are either using information technology to its full potential, or at least plan to. They face the ever-present security threats to their data, servers, web sites, apps, mobile devices and in-house PC networks. The strategies and knowledge required to address these disparate technology problems and come up with viable and affordable solutions…